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He’s my Novacane

One hit and he numbs my face

Body and mind somehow we connect

Yet our friendship is under stress

I want him, believe me I do…

But I cant If in the end I’d only have been his fool

Fuck my emotions, put that bitch on a shelf.

Cash out that reality check and just file a note to self.

Noting to prove but somehow still I lose

The war with your heart

Guess I’m just reaping my due.

Push pull against each other

Until we can’t feel, though we miss each other

The writings on the wall are so clear

Miserable with or without the other

Immobile, numb, no novacane, just fear

No drugs at all and thought I’d feel pain

Emotionless and I can’t feel a thing

Awaiting the rainbow after the rain.

I just want to feel again…

I don’t want my Novacane to dissapear.



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The Power of the Pussy.

{written by A.D.L. Excerpt from Fetish}

I’m known

To make men cry

Who am I?

I’m P-U-S-S-Y!

95 degrees Fahrenheit

With the shit

To make ice cream drip

Papi, I see you licking your lips

Thinking about how it would feel

To get between these hips

I got two more lips

Lay your dick

Out and

Let it drip

Dry with semen

While your screamin’

On the inside

‘cause your male pride

Won’t let you cry

So you hide

But it’s alright

We both know the truth

That I’ve been on your mind since your youth

On your bedroom walls

And secretly in bathroom stalls

And walking down school halls

Covering up your girth

With your shirt

Don’t want no

One to know

You have no

Dick control

And your feelings get hurt

Some say

What makes

The word go round is money

I say

Its what’s between my legs

Sweet as honey

Wet as Niagara

That shit that makes old men take Viagra

The shit that made Romeo take his life

Makes husbands leave wives

Got O.J. wielding knives

That top prize


Now am I lying?

I stay on your mind


From morning light

To real late

At night

When your laying in your bed

Playing with your head

Wishing it was me playing with you instead

Oh, the power between my legs

The reason for your house, your clothes, your car

Why girls who can’t sing become pop stars

The reason some fools will slip a girl a mickey

The reason why

Every other night

Your hand getting sticky


The downfall

Of Jerry Falwell

The reason why the 2 Live Crew CD’s sell

Why CEOs with dough

Spend it on bimbos

And city leaders

Be up in club Cheetahs

Oops! Oh My!

It’s the P-U-S-S-Y

You know I’m right!

Girls with no clothes on

In all the music videos

And you think you sold

Those records on your own?

Be in your home

On the computer at night

Looking up erotic internet sites

All so that perhaps you might

Get a glimpse of me in all my might


When once these vaginal walls held

Only tampons and scents that smelled

Fresh like California breezes

Before being polluted with all your diseases

But still it teases

And calls your name

Reels you in with lubricated reigns

Say my name, say my name

Right before you came

And let all your manhood out


Is what I’m talking about

this is tooo sexy. had to reblog…


is it wrong that my dick is hard?

I would say a RESOUNDING, no sir!

this is tooo sexy. had to reblog…



is it wrong that my dick is hard?

I would say a RESOUNDING, no sir!

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Distant Lover

"Does she know… what she did… to turn my heart into flames, From that one time that she looked my way…." {Trey Songz}

You’re my Distant Lover… I feel you close Though I know you’re far away…..

laying in your arms all day flesh upon flesh,

hand in hand and as we breath each other in,

 let us both capture this moment.

lock it into our memories and seal its existence.


I’m You’re Distant Lover… But We share this fire deep inside our veins…..

We can both close our eyes and find each other in the planes between the stars…

I’ll hold on to the best parts of you, while you grip the essence of my spirit.

take Joy in knowing me like no other has ever before

and I’ll take comfort in learning every part of your soul.


My Distant Lover… I wish that I could bring you here to me……

So Instead I’ll Close my eyes and drift off in ecstasy.

Our beings connect as if we never left each other

Something that only we share.

Not love…

 yet stronger than the lust of the world.


Distant Lovers…. a spiritual connection without titles…

Virtually incredible how u feel me even through all this space

You reach me with your pain

and I channel my strength

I yearn for your touch….

 Always in my thoughts

You…. My Distant Lover…….

So Far Away…….

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